The Future of Mercedes-Benz

What’s to come in the future from Mercedes-Benz?

Since 1926, Mercedes-Benz has been one of the worlds most established luxury vehicle manufacturer, producing cars, buses, coaches, vans and trucks. People across the world dream of owning one of their vehicles, and will save money for many years to be able to do so. One of the great aspects of Mercedes-Benz is that they are constantly producing new cars or creating concepts for future vehicles. This allows people to save money for when the new vehicle is released and also gives them a variety of choice when choosing which Mercedes Benz vehicle they wish to own. Creating a variety of vehicles also gives plenty of options for people who want to purchase an older model vehicle, or wish to have the vehicle for its specifications instead of its aesthetics, such as one of their cars having four-wheel drive.

In this post, we have provided the most impressive upcoming vehicles from Mercedes Benz, so you can save up to purchase the vehicle upon its release, find the car you’re looking for or to take inspiration and purchase an older model of the upcoming vehicle. If you are already a lucky owner of a Mercedes Benz vehicle and require servicing or repairs in Bristol, look no further than us here at BS3 Ltd. Our skilled team of mechanics specialise in the servicing and repairs of Mercedes Benz vehicles and have had over 60-years of experience combined. Our garage is also lucky enough to be fully equipt with the same diagnostics equipment as you would expect in the main dealership. For the most efficient and cost efficient servicing or repair work outside the main dealership, book with us at BS3 Ltd. We are the leading Mercedes specialist in Bristol and can provide dealership level servicing and repairs with our advanced diagnostics equipment. Have a Mercedes Benz vehicle? Call us today.

Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake

Announced in March 2019 for release in Septemeber 2019, the brand new CLA Shooting Brake has been characterised by its unmissable silhouette, borrowing design elements from the CLA Coupe and reinventing them as practical properties. The new CLA Shooting Brake has also been redesigned to be even longer, wider, and lower than previous models, allowing greater practicality, a lower centre of gravity and a more striking on-road presence. From its new and unique “shark-nose” front to the elongated rear design, the new CLA Shooting Brake impresses in every single angle. The vehicle itself is not just impressive by its looks, with a cd value of 0.26, the new Shooting Brake has been optimised aerodynamically to help reduce resistance, wind noise and fuel consumption. In the interior of the car, the design is complemented by generous space for elbow room and a significantly wider boot opening than its predecessor. There is also a range of features inside for enhanced comfort, such as the ENERGIZING Comfort control system, which intelligently combines various aspects of the car including lighting, climate control, seat heating and massaging to complement your mood and driving experience.

Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe

Releases alongside the CLA Shooting Brake in March, the incredible new GLC Coupe is all about giving you choice. With this new model, you can enjoy urban driving and fantastic off-road adventures due to its exemplary handling and advanced assistance systems. With the new GLC Coupe, you are also given the choice of having either an efficient petrol engine or diesel engine, depending on your preference. Inside this impressive vehicle, the revolutionary new MBUX multimedia system featuring touch and control allows interacting with your GLC Coupe in a variety of ways. Whether you would rather use simple swipes across the interactive touchpoints, say ‘Hey Mercedes’, or even gesture control in affiliation with the interior assistant, it’s never been easier to carry out a multitude of functions. of you are indecisive if you want to drive a coupe or an SUV, with this car you can drive both. This is due to the functionality and on-road presence of an SUV, and the distinctive sporty feel of a coupe. The new GLC Coupe is ready to tackle all kinds of terrain and conditions due to the range of suspension systems on offer, including the optional air body control suspension, or the optional dynamic body control, which allows adjustable damping on each wheel for exceptional handling. The exterior of the car features the signature diamond radiator grille, completed with the Mercedes-Benz star, standard-fit LED High-Performance headlamps, sleek chrome elements and the exquisite, sloped rear. Flowing lines also accentuate the centre console of the interior, which features a magnificent multifunction steering wheel.

Mercedes-Benz GLC

Characterised by advanced technologies, a muscular design, and a series of next-generation engines, the new GLC is distinctive in every way that it can be. The GLC has been engineered for optimum performance, both on and off road. The dynamic select system and adaptive suspension which features in the GLC, give outstanding control across all kinds of terrain and weather conditions, allowing you to have the freedom to take an adventure off the beaten track. It also comes fully equipt with next-generation four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, designed specifically improved output, reduced emissions, and lower fuel consumption. Similarly to the GLC Coupe, the GLC is equipt with the state of the art MBUX technology, allowing you to have a helping hand when you are on the road, whenever you need it. On the exterior of the vehicle, anyone approaching will immediately notice the heavy contouring of the radiator grille and redesigned headlamps, meanwhile, the chrome elements running from the front to the rear end reinforce its highly distinctive edge. The design can be further accentuated even further with the AMG line, which features a chromed diamond grille, front apron with AMG design and striking sports seats with raised side bolsters.

Mercedes-AMG GT R PRO

Launched only five years ago, the original Mercedes-AMG brought together dynamic motorsport performance with a breathtaking sports car appearance. Now in 2019, Mercedes-Benz has furthered the qualities of the original AMG GT R PRO to recreate the vehicle with an even more agile and exhilarating driving experience. In terms of design and engineering, no other Mercedes-AMG model is as close to motor racing as the new AMG GT R PRO model.

The new AMG GT models feature the advanced cockpit technology, which was originally seen on the AMG GT four-door Coupe. A state of the art 10.25-inch multimedia display is coupled with a 12.3-inch instrument cluster, which offers three AMG-specific display styles: Classic, Sporty and, Supersport mode. To maximise your enjoyment and experience at the wheel, the new AMG GT also features AMG DYNAMICS. This innovative system anticipates how the vehicle will react to the driver’s actions and adjusts the functions of the electronic stability programme accordingly. If you are in either Basic, Advanced, Pro or Master mode, you’ll enjoy a supremely authentic driving feel with high cornering dynamics, exceptional stability, optimum traction and predictable handling.

Vision EQ Silver Arrow

The future is here, and the future of motor manufacturing is electronic vehicles. Unveiled during Monterey Car Week 2018 in California, the vision EQ Silver Arrow offers an alluring glimpse into the future of automotive design. With its seamless surfaces and fluid lines, this incredible all electric, single-seater show car pays homage to the record-breaking W 125 Silver Arrow of 1937. Inside the vehicle, the theme continues to represent a fascinating fusion of past and present, analogue and dialogue, all in tribute of the original silver arrow. Traditional high-grade materials such as saddle brown leather and solid walnut hark, back to the racing cars of yesteryear, providing an incredibly intriguing contrast with the futurist innovative cockpit technology. This includes a magnificent curved panoramic screen which displays a projected 3D image of your surroundings and can ever let you participate in virtual races with silver arrows, past and present. Other technologies included in the vehicle include a touchscreen on the steering wheel, allowing you to select drive programs and configure a range of sound settings, including a Mercedes-AMG V8 engine and a current Formula 1 Silver Arrow.

Concept EQA

Another glimpse into the future of Mercedes-Benz. The EQA is Mercedes-Benz first all-electronic concept vehicle in the compact segment and the latest step in their EQ electric vehicle initiative, which is to have more than 10 all-electric vehicles on the market by 2022. The EQA features two electric motors, one at the front axle and one at the rear, with a total output of 200kW delivering exceptional performance. Generating 500m of torque, this state of the art electronic car can accelerate for, 0 to 62 mph in around 5 seconds. Additionally to its speed, the EQA is agile and responsive too, with electric all-wheel drive and a choice of drive modes, Sport and Sport Plus. The selected drive mode is even incredibly reflected at the front of the car, where a sleek black panel with built-in LED matrix acts as a virtual radiator grille. When the car is in Sport mode, it displays an animated flaming wing, while when it is in Sport Plus, it echoes the Panamericana grille seen on high-performance Mercedes-AMG models.

F 015 Luxury in Motion

Inventing new possibilities in vehicle design, connectivity and packaging, the F 015 demonstrates Mercedes-Benz innovation in the future of car engineering and design. This self-driving luxury saloon demonstrates how the car goes beyond being a mode of transport and evolves into a mobile living space, giving drivers and passengers a brand new experience of travelling. In the exterior, the F 105 exudes a space like no other. Each unique feature of the vehicle seamlessly reveals the Mercedes-Benz vision of interpreting modern luxury, taking motion and comfort into the future. The lounge-like interior offers a huge amount of space, which is capable of seating four adults, either facing one another or in tandem. The tactile atmosphere is further accentuated by light-coloured fine wood flooring, seamlessly offering an unmatchable sense of bountiful space with a cold feel.