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Mercedes Benz is one of the world’s most loved and popular vehicle manufacturers. Since 1926, Karl Benz’s luxurious vehicles have been spotted roaming the streets across the globe and have been treasured by their rightful owners. Owning a Mercedes vehicle is a dream for many people, and each owner is certainly grateful for their possession. Across the world, thousands of people save for multiple years to own a vehicle with the famous three-point star at the forefront. People do not just want to own Mercedes Benz vehicles for themselves. As Mercedes produce cars, vans, buses, trucks, and more, many people also want to own a vehicle by the manufacturer for their business, with the belief that owning a Mercedes vehicle will give their business a reputation of class and luxury. Many coach and bus companies providing luxury services often use Mercedes Benz vehicles, likewise with taxi companies providing an executive option.

As Mercedes Benz plays such an important part in our society, BS3 Ltd or Autospec are fully trained as specialists for one of the world’s most loved vehicle manufacturers. Our specialist services for Mercedes Benz vehicles include servicing, all-round repairs, bodywork, and more. We believe that such a valuable vehicle should only be treated with the best possible care that is available. If you are looking for a service for your Mercedes Benz vehicle that can only be matched by the main retailer, choosing us is best practice. BS3 Ltd has the same high-spec diagnostics technology that would be found at the main dealership, and over 60-years of combined experience working with the manufacturer. By choosing BS3 Ltd, you are not just choosing a trusted, high-quality service, you are also choosing to make excellent savings. If you require more information regarding our specialist Mercedes Benz services in Bristol, do not hesitate to contact us with any enquiries that you may have. Our team will always work to provide you with the best possible service, and to make you feel at ease about choosing BS3 Ltd.

How often should I service my Mercedes Benz car?

As with any car from any manufacturer, Mercedes Benz cars should be serviced regularly to avoid breakdown and to ensure safety on the road. All Mercedes Benz vehicles will come with a service schedule that will inform you when it is best to have the vehicle serviced. It is vital to follow that schedule to ensure the luxurious car is kept in its best possible condition and to avoid breakdown. As Mercedes Benz cars are valuable and luxurious, replacement parts do not come cheap. By not following your service schedule, you are putting your vehicle at a high risk of breakdown, which may lead to expensive repairs or part replacement. If you wish to keep your favourite possession in excellent condition and make the most out of it, we highly recommend that you always stick to your service schedule. If you do not have your service schedule, we recommend servicing your car every 6 or 12 months, depending on the age of the vehicle, however, for a more accurate schedule of when to service your car, we would recommend contacting the manufacturer directly and making an enquiry. If you require more information regarding Mercedes servicing, including service options, prices, and more, visit our Mercedes servicing page, or call us today and speak to one of our knowledgable team members.

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What Mercedes Benz repair services do you offer?

So that we are up to standard with the main dealerships, we can cover the full range of repairs that may be required for your Mercedes Benz vehicle. This includes bodywork repairs, including minor or major scratches, scuffs or dents, tyre repairs, brake repairs, and even complex repairs involving electrics or the engine. Our skilled mechanics and technicians with over 60-years of combined experience are entirely trained and fully knowledgable on Mercedes Benz vehicles, newer and older models, and are fully capable of completing the required work at an unbeatable standard. Our workshop in South Bristol is fully equipt with Mercedes specific equipment, so if your car requires a specialist repair or spare part, it is highly likely that we will have exactly what you need. At BS3 Ltd or Autospec, we always look to invest in the latest equipment, machinery, and training for our technicians. This is to ensure the most effective service for our clients. With BS3 Ltd, you can expect a quick, reliable, and efficient service, no matter how unique or complex your request may be. It is always our aim to complete the work quickly and efficiently, so you and your Mercedes Benz can be back on the road as soon as possible. As the leading Mercedes specialist in Bristol, give us a call now to enquire about our services.

Do you use genuine Mercedes Benz parts?

BS3 Ltd or Autospec, will only ever use approved and genuine Mercedes Benz parts for our repair services. Again, this is so that we can keep up to the main dealership standard, and also so that the warranty on your car will not be affected and it will retain its value. Our technicians work efficiently tirelessly, adhering to high-level Mercedes Benz class standards. This will always be to ensure that our customer’s vehicles are returned to their original staggering and flawless condition. With a vehicle manufacturer and renown for is luxury as Mercedes Benz, we believe that it should only ever receive the highest possible standard of care. To ensure the highest possible standard of care for your vehicle, we will always comprehensively assess the faults with your vehicle in detail, discuss the faults with you, and provide an upfront quote. This way, you are fully aware of the work that will be completed on your favourite possession, so you can rest at ease when the work is being completed. Customer service is something that we value at BS3 Ltd, that’s why if you would like to wait whilst your vehicle is being serviced or repaired, we offer a comfortable customer lounge with complimentary TV and WiFi. Please do not hesitate to contact us to enquire about the repair work or a part that you require for your vehicle. Our team will be happy to listen to your problem or need and provide you with a confident and comprehensive solution.

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