MOT Bedminster

MOT Bedminster

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Happy new to everyone from BS3 Ltd! We hope the new year is exciting, prosperous, and brings you all joy! Coming back to work after a break at Christmas can be stressful, additionally to going back to reality and living your normal life without lie-ins, excessive amounts of food, spending time with friends and family, having numerous hours of free time, and much more. Leaving all of that can be rather depressing, even we live a working life with responsibilities 80% of the year. Christmas can also leave you short of money due to presents and the free time you have at home, which can make January a tough month. Although it may be hard to accept when short of money, your vehicles MOT still may be due, and it is the law for your MOT to take place before its expiry date. If you’re currently due an MOT in January but are short of money due to Christmas, visiting BS3 Ltd may be the best option for you. BS3 Ltd offers highly cost-efficient MOT options throughout the year to get your car back on the road, additionally to servicing and MOT options to ensure your car is roadworthy and will run efficiently.

What is an MOT?

An MOT is a legal annual test of vehicle safety that is carried out on all vehicles over the age of three years old annually. The MOT tests the safety, roadworthiness, and emissions of the vehicle and determines if the vehicle is safe to drive, requires repairs, or is unroadworthy. All vehicles are strictly required to have a valid MOT certificate after three years, MOT certificates last exactly one year. Following this, it is illegal for the vehicle to be driven unless it is being driven to the garage where the MOT will take place. The law regarding MOT’s is strict and driving without a valid MOT certificate could potentially land you a fine of up to £1,000; not what you want to be forking out in the middle of January!

Why and when did MOT’s start?

The MOT (Ministry of Transport) test was first introduced in the UK in 1960 under the Road Traffic Act 1956, which was set up by the ministry of transport. When MOT’s began, the test was very straight forward and consisted of a test of brakes, lights, and steering checks. The original MOT test also took place every ten years instead of every year after the car is three years old, which is why it was commonly known in the UK as the ‘ten-year test’. When the tests were introduced, many cars and other motor vehicles were failing the test and drivers in the UK were highly unsatisfied. Due to this, it wasn’t long before the UK government changed the schedule to once every seven years to increase the chances of the vehicles passing the test. In 1962, the law was also changed so that drivers had to have a valid MOT certificate for a tax disk. Ever since the introduction of the MOT, the processes and laws have changed consistently to shape what it is now. Most years new changes are made to the MOT to make the test more beneficial and efficient. 

What happens if I miss my MOT?

As previously mentioned, missing your MOT is not taken lightly and can result in a fine of up to £1000, which is why it is vital to arrange for your MOT at least a few weeks before the expiry date. If you can only arrange for your MOT following the expiry date, it is vital that you only drive the vehicle to the MOT test centre and not anywhere else. It is simple for police to detect if your vehicle does not have a valid MOT certificate. Besides this, driving a vehicle that you do not know for sure is roadworthy is also dangerous. 

MOT in Bedminster

Require an MOT for your vehicle but don’t want to spend a chunk of your January budget? BS3 Ltd offers MOT services in Bedminster for all different types of motor road vehicles, additionally to various servicing and MOT options at a highly competitive and fair price. For more information or to book an MOT service or any of our other services such as servicing, DPF Cleaning and our Mercedes services as the leading Mercedes specialist in Bristol, call us today!