MOT Bristol

MOT Bristol

Happy new year to everybody from BS3 Ltd! The new year is an exciting time and an opportunity for people to pursue a new way of life, to try new things, to put in the past something harmful to them. A new year for many is an exciting new beginning. Although for many January can be a depressing month after putting behind festivities and returning to work, it can also be a very positive and exciting month. In the new year, a common theme is leaving things behind and starting things new, but there are simply somethings that cannot be left behind. One of these things is your vehicles MOT. Even if you are short of money after Christmas, you still may be due your vehicle’s MOT, which is a legal requirement in the United Kingdom. If your vehicles MOT is due in the new year and you’re looking to save money, don’t look any further than BS3 Ltd, who can provide MOT testing at prices that will not leave you short this January.

What happens if I miss my MOT?

It is vital that your vehicle has passed another MOT before its expiry date to ensure that it is safe to be driven on the road. Even if it seems that your vehicle is perfectly safe to be driven, there may be underlying issues that could potentially escalate to an accident on the road. This is why the MOT test is so necessary and needs to be carried out on schedule each year. Driving without a valid MOT is not taken lightly either. If you are found to be driving without a valid MOT, you could face a fine of up to £1,000. Detecting if a car doesn’t have a valid MOT is also simple for police, and can be done by putting your registration number into a system. Your vehicle can only be driven on one condition without a valid MOT. This is to the garage where you are planning on having your MOT serviced, however, in the instance of an MOT fail, you will not be able to drive your vehicle back from the garage until any problems are resolved and the car passes its MOT. This is why it is vital for the car to have its MOT scheduled before the date of the expiry. Even if the car fails, if the MOT is still valid it can be driven home.

How can I pass my MOT?

If your vehicle has no warning lights, there aren’t any noticeable errors, and your driving feels smooth, it’s likely that your MOT will go to plan and you won’t be left disappointed. One of the most efficient ways of ensuring that your MOT goes to plan without failing is to book a service and MOT, this will ensure the car is topped up and can run efficiently before it is tested. Even errors such as your screenwash not being topped up can prevent your car from passing its MOT test. This is why booking a service and MOT is an extremely efficient way to ensure that your car passes its MOT. 

MOT in Bristol

January is always a tight month for money due to Christmas and constantly having free times at the end of the year for a week or two. If your car is due its MOT in the new year and you do not wish to spend a chunk of your monthly budget, choose BS3 Ltd for highly cost-efficient MOT testing in Bristol or other services such as servicing, DPF cleaning and our advanced Mercedes services as the leading Mercedes specialist in Bristol. Contact BS3 Ltd for more information and to book a service.