Why YOU Are Spending Too Much Time At The Garage

Spending Too Much Time At The Garage?

Every car driver will at least use mechanical services at a garage at least once a year. A lot of people, on the other hand, will visit a car garage a lot more than just once. If this is you, surely you’d wish to greatly reduce the number of times you’re visiting your local garage? Consistent garage trips can lead to a build-up in costs and can be time-consuming, let alone costing working hours or leading to your wasting your free time, such as booking off annual leave to visit a car garage. 

It really isn’t necessary to visit a garage more than once a year, providing you drive safely and are not involved in an accident that was not your fault. If your car is less than three years old, you may even go an entire year without having to visit a car garage! Although having to visit a garage may not sound like much of an inconvenience, when it gets to it, we can promise you that it will be. As much as we love to see our customers daily, we really do not want you overspending or stressing about a recurring issue. Due to this, we have provided you with various reasons why you may be spending too much time in car garages.

The Age Of Your Car

Understandably, cars are not cheap, however, for your safety and to avoid consistent repairs, they do need to be replaced occasionally. If your car is around 10 years old or more and is having consistent problems resulting in repair, then it is highly likely that your car will need replacing. For many who are constantly in and out of garages, one of the most common issues is the age of the vehicle. As mechanics, we’d much rather you replaced your vehicle than us having to carry out difficult repairs that may be far beyond what we can control. Older cars are a lot more difficult to repair, and as capable as what we are, damaged older parts can be highly inconvenient to repair. 

Sourcing parts for older cars is also a lot more difficult and can be costly. With the additional money that is needed for extra parts or repairs, it may be far more cost-efficient to purchase a new car. There are many benefits of purchasing a new car, for example, better running costs, being more suited to your preferences, a cleaner feel, and much more. If you choose to purchase a brand new car, then you also will not have to pay for an MOT for three years, meaning you may not even have to visit a garage at all. If visiting car garages is putting a dent in your bank and consuming a lot of your time, then consider the age of your car and investing in something new.

Not Resolving Two Issues At Once

Did you know that many people have more than one issue with their car but only choose to repair one problem when visiting a garage? For many, this is to attempt to save money or due to the fact that the owner of the vehicle may believe that the issue is only a minor issue. Although they could be right and the issue may be minor, it can lead to the issue being worsened, which could require costly repair in the future, or worse, lead to a road accident. As frustrating as it may be having to pay extra to repair all issues with the vehicle, it will be a weight lifted off your shoulder and will prevent numerous more garage trips in the near future to have the issue resolved. 

Garages may also be able to reduce the price of your service if you choose more than one service. When making an enquiry for more than one part of your car to be fixed, you will likely be offered a cheaper price for both repairs combined than both of the pairs separately. By repairing both faulty parts at once, it will almost certainly be cheaper than having them repaired at separate occasions, and you will only likely have to visit the garage once. For saving money and time, ensure your car is full repaired when visiting a garage.

Servicing and MOT’s at Separate Occasions

Every year, if your car is over three years old, you will legally have to pass an MOT test each year to ensure that your car is safe on the road. It is also recommended that you also have your car serviced each year so it runs efficiently on the road. Both MOT’s and servicing are simple for mechanics to carry out, so why not have them done at the same time? Garages will almost certainly provide offers for MOT’s and servicing, meaning you’ll save money and will not have to visit the garage on two occasions. When next booking your MOT, make sure to enquire about the cost of both services taking place in one garage visit. 

Servicing and MOT Bristol

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