How Are Garages Remaining A COVID Safe Environment?

How Are Garages Keeping Customers And Staff Protected From COVID-19?

November the 5th in the UK has been slightly different this year. Annually on this date, you can expect fireworks to light up the sky, busy carnivals, bonfires, and other celebrations for bonfire night, formally known as Guy Fawkes Night. Guy Fawkes night is a unique, traditional celebration in the UK remembering Guy Fawkes attempt in destructing the houses of parliament in 1605 in the gunpowder plot. Ever since 1605, the tradition of lighting bonfires as public thanksgiving for the destruction and arrest of Guy Fawkes has continued and escalated to be a night to hold social events, watch breathtaking fireworks displays, host carnivals and more. 

As previously mentioned, bonfire night in 2020 has been significantly different from previous years. Although your skies may have been filled with fireworks this year, this would have not have been from peoples gardens, and instead, would have been from people gardens or rooftops. This is due to a second national lockdown amid a second spike of COVID-19 cases in England and other COVID-19 related restrictions preventing mass gatherings to occur.

A second lockdown is not ideal, however, it is likely that this lockdown will only be implemented for four weeks and we can return to some form of normality at the end of it. During this lockdown, it is important that we keep safe, especially when taking part in essential procedures.

Can I Still Travel?

Travel internationally or to other locations in the UK is not advised unless it is absolutely essential, which is why car and vehicles garages can still operate during this lockdown. No matter what restrictions are in place, there will still need to some reasons that people will need to travel, including for essential work and to purchase essential. 

One of the primary reasons that garages have stayed open is that there is far more knowledge on how to stay COVID-19 safe whilst operating services, and all garages across England and the United Kingdom have been provided with advice. With the pandemic having severe effects on regular life since March in the UK, many people have mixed opinions regarding restrictions and some are more cautious than other, which we all have to respect. 

For those who may be more cautious or fearful of being out in public due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this blog goes into depth regarding how all car garages in the UK are keeping customers and staff safe when carrying out all services.

Wearing Masks

Legally, masks must be worn when entering all stores and public indoor areas in the UK to minimise the risk of the spread of COVID-19. To keep customers and staff safe, mechanics and customers at car garages must wear masks at all times. Wearing a mask can make a lot of people feel much safer when being in public places, and if you require getting an essential car service for travel, then you can rest assured that masks will be mandatory in garages.

Wearing Gloves

Wearing gloves is not mandatory in the UK, however, it is a highly efficient way of preventing the spread of germs. In garages, many mechanics wear gloves to protect their hands from hazardous machinery, so this isn’t something new amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keeping Two Metres Apart

In garages, there is no reason why all staff and customers cannot stay two metres apart in garages. Equipment can be passed on a table or other services, alternatively from direct contact being required. 

MOT Bristol

Unlike the previous lockdown, MOT’s have not been extended by six months, meaning that you will need to have your MOT test if it is due during the lockdown. If you live in the Bristol area, BS3 Ltd can provide a COVID-safe, accurate, and cheap MOT in Bristol or combined servicing and MOT’s. All staff at BS3 Ltd adhere to all COVID restrictions to keep all in the garage safe at all times.