Number One Tip From Car Experts For Winter

In a former life before I worked for BS3 Ltd my job included a commute between Bath and Bristol. You may remember that early 2016 the whole area got caught out by 48 hours of snow with thousands of us getting caught out on our journey home including ????

I spent 4 hours stuck in my car just before Saltford with that hill (that blooming speed camera one) holding us up getting home. Fast forward 4 years and I repeated this story to the mechanics at BS3 Ltd and after they finished rolling their eyes they gave me two lists of essentials we should always have in our cars and I wonder how many of these even the MOT and service industry workers would know?

Let’s start with the easy ones which even I knew I should have – whether I had them or not is another question!

  • Warm clothes and waterproofs – Of course I had them it was cold
  • Sturdy footwear – Nope I didn’t have these but I am rarely wearing sensible shoes
  • A flask of hot drink – Haha i did have this and a bottle of water
  • Snacks – Does a leftover banana from lunch count?
  • Jump leads – I know you are doubting me now but I have jump leads (because I bought the car with them)

So feeling I had clawed back some small brownie points (I had also made coffee) with my BS3 Ltd peeps, we went on and talked about the importance of car maintenance including how that an MOT doesn’t cover everything to ensure your car is winter ready and that I should look at and MOT and service each year.

But I digress, the mechanics started quizzing each other on 8 things they think you should always carry in your car in case of an emergency. How many of the below list do you have in your car or even know are a good idea. I only got 3 !



  • Ice scraper and de-icer
  • Torch and spare batteries
  • A fully charged mobile phone
  • An in-car phone charger or power pack
  • Sat-nav or a printed route for an unfamiliar journey
  • A road atlas
  • Sunglasses
  • First aid kit



Any way failing abysmally left me buying the cakes for all of BS3 Ltd but I would like to give a shout out to the residents of Saltford as when 3.5 hours later I actually got to the hill, I found the residents furiously spreading salt, scraping the roads and even pushing up every car that got stuck (which was all of them).

We will leave you with these thoughts –  ensure this winter that you service and MOT your vehicle and use top experts like our BS3 Ltd guys, but also top tip if you think it’s going to snow on your trip home, make sure you go for a wee when you leave work!!! Also, check out our Mercedes services that we provide as the leading Mercedes specialist in Bristol.