5 Most Reliable Mercedes Models in 2024 | Which Are The Most Reliable Mercedes Benz Models?

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Discover the most reliable Mercedes Benz model for your next vehicle

When it comes to looking for a new Mercedes Benz model it can be difficult to understand what the most reliable Mercedes Benz model actually is.

From the technical and complex automotive jargon that Mercedes and vehicle dealerships promote, it can be hard to get a true reflection of which Mercedes Benz model is the best fit for you and which vehicles won’t be hopping in and out of the repair garage every couple of months.

Fortunately, as a Mercedes Benz specialist repairs garage, we have a great deal of experience in knowing which Mercedes models are more reliable than others. We constantly repair Mercedes Benz vehicles day in and day out and know the common faults that are seen in each of the models this German car manufacturer produces.

That being said, we also know the vehicle models that we don’t typically have to repair and can thus give an accurate reflection of the most reliable Mercedes Benz models in 2024.

So don’t take the word of the actual dealership but an expert mechanic who actually repairs these vehicles on a daily basis. Throughout this article, we will help you understand the most reliable Mercedes models in 2024 that we typically don’t have to regularly repair so you can avoid constant trips to the repair garage and save money on vehicle repairs.


What makes a reliable Mercedes Benz vehicle?

A reliable vehicle doesn’t just depend on whether you will be spending more time in the garage than actually driving your vehicle but it’s actually a combination of different vehicle aspects that all come together to formulate a reliable vehicle.

It’s not just the aspects that you think of either such as the engine or gearbox but also the little aspects from fixing a broken wiper or changing a punctured tyre.

A reliable Mercedes Benz vehicle is something that is not going to cost you money on Mercedes repairs often. It is something that has been given great care when building and manufacturing and thoughtful design that is built to last. It is also a vehicle that is made out of high-quality materials that are guaranteed to ensure that you spend as little time in the garage as possible and throughout this list we have found five of the best Mercedes vehicles that tick all these boxes and more!

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Our top five most reliable Mercedes Benz models

People who are in the market for a new vehicle need to consider a lot of factors whether that be price, style and colour. Mercedes Benz is often promoted for its stylish interior and exterior designs of their vehicles of course!

However one of the most important factors people consider when purchasing a new vehicle is the reliability of the vehicle and whether it will keep out of the vehicle repair garage. There is no good in having a vehicle that is going to cost you hundreds of pounds each month on repairs so you need to be certain.

Mercedes Benz is known for its luxury vehicles and throughout the 1970s was known as the most reliable luxury vehicle manufacturer on the road. However, in this day and age, it has taken a bit of a U-turn.

Mercedes Benz promotes their ambitions to constantly evolve and bring the “latest innovations to life”. This has led to them being one of the best manufacturers in terms of engine and transmission durability but with that, they have fallen behind with dependable electrical issues that make the Mercedes Benz one of the least reliable brands on the market.

We have created a list of five of the most reliable Mercedes models that typically don’t visit our specialist Mercedes Benz garage that frequently. Therefore, you can go out and look for these reliable Mercedes models so that you can avoid paying excessive amounts for frequent vehicle repairs and actually get to driving your new Mercedes Benz vehicle.

Our most reliable Mercedes models include:

  1. Mercedes Benz E Class
  2. Mercedes Benz GLC Class
  3. Mercedes Benz C Class
  4. 2015 Mercedes Benz GLK Class
  5. Mercedes Benz GLA 2014-2020

1. Mercedes Benz E Class

If you didn’t know already, Mercedes Benz E Class vehicles have always been known as one of the most reliable cars that Mercedes have ever produced. This five-door Sudan is stylish in design both inside and out but more importantly, has one of the highest safety ratings of any Mercedes vehicle on the market.

It is known in particular that if you are looking for a reliable Mercedes Benz E Class you should choose a 2008, 2009 or 2012 make as these are known to be some of the best at avoiding costly vehicle repairs and dodging that repair garage!

On average the Mercedes Benz E Class visits our car garages 0.6 times a year which is 0.2 times less than the typical Sudan, making it the most reliable Mercedes Benz vehicle.

2. Mercedes Benz GLC Class

The Mercedes Benz GLC class is the most reliable SUV vehicle produced by the German luxury car makers. It is one of the most reliable cars they have ever manufactured and for good reason too.

The Mercedes Benz GLC Class is a newer model that Mercedes brought to the market, originally introduced in 2015. It is a solid, sturdy vehicle that is stylish yet elegant whilst driving. As it is a newer designed car from Mercedes it has been built with the modern-day roads in mind. The most reliable years for this model in our opinion is the 2017, 2018 and 2019 models with very few common faults that people typically see.

On average the Mercedes Benz GLC visits our car garage 0.65 times a year making it one of the most reliable stylish SUVs on the market.

3. Mercedes Benz C Class

One of the most iconic and popular Mercedes Benz models is the C class and when it comes to popularity worldwide it has to be somewhat reliable right? If the Mercedes Benz C Class design was faulty and not long-lasting, it wouldn’t have reached the popularity it still has to this day.

It has enhanced safety features built into the design and is stylish and sleek in design too. Although in the past, the C class has some recall issues with particular models built in 2014 and 2017 being recalled, it is clear to see that Mercedes has learnt from the past when it comes to the C class model.

In 2021 and 2022, they produced a standout vehicle that is not only intuitive in design but also one of the most reliable and long-lasting Mercedes C Class vehicles on the market.

On average the Mercedes Benz C Class visits our repair garage 0.68 times a year.

4. 2015 Mercedes Benz GLK Class

The 2015 Mercedes Benz GLK Class is another reliable SUV crossover that has built a reputation as being one of the most reliable cars manufactured by Mercedes Benz.

It is a compact, stylish and reliable model that comes in both two-wheel and four-wheel drive. The 2015 Mercedes Benz GLK class is a fan favourite model from Mercedes due to its reputation as being one of the most reliable cars, Mercedes has ever produced.

On average the 2015 Mercedes Benz GLK Class visits our car repairs garage 0.68 times a year.

5. Mercedes Benz GLA 2014-2020

The Mercedes Benz GLA is a subcompact crossover SUV that is part of the more entry-level ranges of Mercedes Benz. That being said, do not be fooled as the GLA is a reliable Mercedes vehicle that will help you to avoid the car repairs garage.

The most reliable Mercedes Benz GLA models are those built in 2014 – 2020 so if you are looking for a long-lasting, durable entry-range Mercedes vehicle these are the ones to choose.

Typically, 2014-2020 GLA models visit our garage 0.7 times a year.


Overall you should now have a good understanding of the most reliable Mercedes Benz vehicles on the market so when it comes to purchasing a new car, you can avoid the repair garages and save your money.

It can be frustrating when your car breaks down however by selecting these reliable and long-lasting Mercedes models you can choose a new car that is not only stylish inside and out but also durable so you won’t be spending money on repairs every other month.

In the unfortunate case that your Mercedes Benz does require a prompt and effective repair, here at BS3 Ltd we are a specialist Mercedes Benz repair garage in Bristol that can get your Mercedes vehicle back on the road in no time for a competitive price. If you are interested in getting your Mercedes vehicle repaired in Bristol by a specialist Mercedes garage please speak with a member of the team on 0117 953 7577 and get your Mercedes Benz repair booked in today.