How Often Should You Change Your Oil for Your Mercedes-Benz?

mercedes oil change

A Mercedes vehicle, just like any vehicle, requires regular oil changes to improve the engine’s performance and ensure it runs smoothly with no issues. Not changing your car’s oil has many risks, so how often should your Mercedes engine oil be changed? Mercedes-Benz provides guidelines for changing your oil, so let’s explore them and what could happen if you ignore them. 

Mercedes-Benz Oil Service Frequency Guidelines 

Different vehicle manufacturers recommend different intervals for the frequency of getting your oil changed. Mercedes guidelines suggest that you should get an oil replacement for every 10,000 miles or at least once per year if you do fewer miles. 

This 10,000 mile guideline is based upon the performance of Mercedes-Benz full synthetic motor oil which is used in all Mercedes models produced from the year 2010 and onwards. Models of this caliber come equipped with an ASSYST Plus maintenance computer which lets you know when you need to schedule an oil replacement, which is one of the many reasons why Mercedes is such a great car manufacturer. 

However, for older models manufactured before 2010, the recommendation for an oil change would be between 5,000 and 7,500 miles. Please bear in mind that several factors can impact this including engine design, driving habits and environmental conditions. 

What Happens If You Don’t Change Your Mercedes Engine Oil?

As mentioned, failing to change your engine oil can have significant consequences for the health of your vehicle. Oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle as it lubricates all the moving parts within the engine and helps ensure your engine runs smoothly. 

Failing to change your car engine oil will result in poor engine performance as it helps keep your engine clean. Dirt and other debris collect within your fuel filter which is always changed alongside your oil. If you fail to get an oil change then the grime that has built up within your fuel filter will circulate back around your engine. 

Neglecting an oil change for long enough can even be as severe as complete engine failure, resulting in your car fully giving up on you. The older the oil is, the dirtier it will be which will mean it won’t be able to lubricate the engine effectively. This can cause the metal components within the engine to rub against each other, causing friction and wear and tear between these moving parts. This can all be avoided with regular maintenance for your Mercedes, and changing your oil every 10,000 miles or once per year. 

Should I Still Get My Oil Changed Annually If I Don’t Do 10,000 Miles? 

Yes, even if you don’t reach 10,000 miles on your Mercedes, it’s still worth getting your oil changed at least annually. As well as driving mileage affecting the quality of your oil, time does also. As time passes, the oil will start to break down and wear, becoming less functional at lubricating the engine. This is because the longer it sits, the more it’ll break down and the less viscous it becomes. 

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