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BS3 Ltd are renown in the Bristol area for their fantastic, fast, and cost-efficient car and van air conditioning repair. If your vehice is experiencing any issues with its air conditioning system, then look no further than BS3 Ltd. Our garage in Ashton is fully equipt with the latest hi-tech equiptment to ensure accurate and efficient air conditioning services.

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Air conditioning is a highly reliable component in almost all modern motor vehicles, be it cars, vans, boats or train. Its main function is to regulate the temperature inside of the vehicles for comfort and to allow the driver to concentrate more on the road instead of the temperature of the car. Despite almost all modern vehicles having air conditioning, many drivers are unaware that they need to be maintained and wait until the system requires repair or replacement. Maintaining your air conditioning can be complicated, that’s why BS3 Ltd provide fantastic quality air conditioning repair and replacement. BS3 Ltd are renown air conditioning specialists in the Bristol area. Our garage and expert technicians are licensed to handle and work on the majority of cars and vans air conditioning systems. If you believe that your air conditioning system is faulty and requires repair or replacement, get in touch with BS3 Ltd today! Our expert technicians assess the condition of your air conditioning system and make any necessary repairs, or replace the entire system.

Common signs of a faulty air conditioning system in your car include less power when blowing air and blowing air at the wrong temperature. If you are experiencing any of these issues, our expert technicians can check to see which parts have failed. During the assessment of your air conditioning system, we will fully report on pipes, hoses, condensers, compressors, and drive belt systems. Another common sign of a faulty air conditioning system is the system emitting bad odours. If you are experiencing this issue, our garage has the equipment to create an ozone system in your vehicle to eliminate any odour producing bacteria, leaving your car smelling fresh and at a regulated temperature.

 Air conditioning checks are not included in your MOT, therefore, they are not checked by professional mechanics unless requested. The DVSA guidelines only set out what is deemed to be critical to the vehicle running safely. As air conditioning is for comfort purposes, it is not included in the MOT. Air conditioning refrigerant top-ups. are also not included in the standard car service If you are expecting for you air conditioning refrigerant to be filled up after service, you may be disappointed. It is important to book a separate service for your vehicles approximately every two years. To ensure maximum efficiency and use of your air conditioning system, book an air conditioning service with BS3 Ltd.


Car Air Conditioning Bristol

In most cases, low refrigerant is the cause of ineffective car air conditioning. Low refrigerant causes the system to blow out hot air instead of cool air. The refrigerant is also extremely cold and plays a vital role in stopping the compressor from getting dangerously hot, leading to system failure. This is easily resolved by topping up the refrigerant. It is important to have your refrigerant consistently topped up to avoid any possible damage. Leaving your refrigerant not topped up can lead to permanent damage to the air conditioning system. This is why it is so important to have it consistently topped up. Besides topping up the refrigerant, BS3 Ltd also deals with the following air conditioning problems:


  • Bad odours from air vents
  • Diagnostics for faulty air conditioning control modules
  • Leaking condensers and evaporators
  • Broken pipes
  • General air conditioning repairs

Our Specialist Equipment

At BS3 Ltd, our experienced technicians are fully trained to use the most up to date technology and equipment to ensure effective air conditioning services. Get in touch today to book an air conditioning service or one of our other services such as Mercedes Specialist servicing.