Car Garage Bedminster

BS3 Ltd offers the full range of car garage services to keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely on the road at all times. Our wide range of services include car servicing, MOT testing, car body repiars, and more, including our Mercedes Benz specialist services To find out more about our car garage services available in Bedminster, scroll down.

Car Servicing

BS3 Ltd offers car servicing in Bedminster at a remarkable standard that is delivered by technicians with a rich wealth of experience to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently on the road. All of our car servicing options are carried out to the highest industry standards and we oblige to never fall below that standard in any circumstance.  Our fully qualified, expert technicians have a cluster of experience servicing vehicles of all different types and from a multitude of car manufacturers, which is why we have such confidence is delivering an unmatchable service.

BS3 are also specialists in the servicing of Mercedes Benz cars and vans. Visit our Mercedes Servicing page for more information.


In the United Kingdom, all cars over the age of three years are legally required to have an MOT test once a year. An MOT test is a test to determine if your vehicle is safe enough to be driven on the road. MOT tests have three possible outcomes, pass, fail, or unroadworthy. In most circumstances, if your vehicle has no significant faults, it will pass its MOT, however, it it is a legal requirement and vitally important for your safety and others safety on the road. At BS3 Ltd, our expert technicians have the knowledge to provide an unmatchable and accurate service. Our standard of MOT is elite, and we also test individual items for free if the MOT has failed. For more information on our MOT testing facility or to book a test, call our expert team today.


BS3 Ltd offers a host of repair services in Bedminster, ranging from bodywork repairs, clutch repairs, brake repairs, air conditioning repairs, and more. Our innovation technology at our garage helps to identify and resolve any damage or faults with your vehicle. If you are experiencing any problems with your vehicle, our expert technicians can ensure to get to the bottom of your problem and provide an elite service for your vehicle. For more information, call our team today or visit our repairs page.

Mercedes Specialist

Owner of a Mercedes Vehicle? BS3 Ltd (Autospec) are renown Mercedes Specialists in Bristol, providing expert servicing, repairs, and other garage services for Mercedes cars and vans. Our garage is fully equipt with advanced diagnostics equipment to resolve all problems with Mercedes Benz cars and vans. For more information on our Mercedes Specialist services, visit our Mercedes Specialist page. 

Our professional technicians can carry out most servicing and repairs on all types of vehicle. Additional services include electrics and retrofitting.