Clutch Repairs Bristol

We are proud to provide an efficient and fully comprehensive clutch repairs service in Bristol for all makes and models of vehicles. We know how important your vehicle is to your everyday lifestyle. Therefore, here at BS3 Ltd, we aim to repair your clutch issues as soon as possible so we can get you back on the road in a safe and reliable vehicle once again. Book your clutch repair today by speaking with a member of the team on 01179 537 577.

Clutch Repair and Replacement In Bristol

If you are in need of a reliable but efficient clutch repair and replacement service in Bristol, look no further than BS3 Ltd. As one of the most well-established garages in South Bristol, our garage based in Ashton has all the equipment and expertise you need to repair your clutch and get your car back to working as normal.

Our experts have years of experience within the industry so if you suspect that your car is suffering from some sort of clutch issue, our experts at BS3 can inspect your vehicle and identify the issue at hand. From here we can advise you on the best course of action to take to get it repaired. We will always provide you with a quote that is fair and at the cheapest price possible. 

In addition to our clutch repair capabilities, we are also accredited as one of Bristol’s leading German car and Mercedes-Benz repair specialists. This means we have a dedicated set of service engineers who are highly experienced in clutch repairs for German cars such as Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen and Audi. 

If you require a comprehensive and reliable clutch repair service from Bristol’s leading mechanics, please speak to a member of the team on 01179 537 577 and book in your clutch repair and replacement today.

What Is A Clutch Repair?

The clutch is an imperative part of every fuel-driven vehicle that bears the responsibility of transferring power from the vehicle’s engine to the drive train. From initiating a gear shift to tackling a sudden halt, your car’s clutch plays a vital role in preventing total ignition failure. The function of your car’s clutch depends on their plates which progressively undergo wear over time as your car is driven. 

Corroded or damaged clutch plates may gradually have reduced pedal responsiveness, which can lead to various on-road driving hassles. Problems with your clutch over a long period of time are common for most drivers. 

That’s why BS3 Ltd offer clutch repair and replacement in Bristol at highly competitive prices.  If you are experiencing any noticeable problems with your car’s clutch, get in contact with BS3 Ltd on 01179 537 577 so we can inspect, repair, or replace it as soon as possible to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Signs You Require A New Clutch

There are some common signs that your vehicle will require a new clutch or needs to be repaired. You may notice one or more of these signs that your clutch is faulty:

  • Difficulty changing gears: If you find it harder to change gears especially when moving from neutral to first, your clutch could be damaged and need to be replaced.

  • Slipping clutch: A slipping clutch is a common problem that occurs when the clutch disc fails to engage properly with the flywheel. This may result in a sudden increase in engine RPM without a corresponding increase in vehicle speed meaning that if you notice a lot of revs but not much speed occurring with your vehicle you could have a faulty clutch. 

  • Burning smell: If you smell a burning smell similar to burning paper or rubber, it may indicate a clutch slippage. This can happen when the clutch is overheating due to improper engagement. 

  • Sticking, vibrating, spongy, or loose clutch pedal: If the clutch pedal feels soft, spongy, or lacks resistance, it may indicate a problem with the hydraulic system, such as air in the clutch fluid or a leaking master cylinder.

  • Clutch Drag: Clutch drag occurs when the clutch does not fully disengage, making it challenging to shift gears or causing the vehicle to creep forward even when the clutch pedal is fully depressed.

If you notice any of these signs or feel as if your clutch just isn’t working as it should be, book in a clutch repair today and let our experts investigate the issue to help you find a solution to help get your vehicle back on the road.

Call us on 01179 537 577 today.


Benefits Of Our Clutch Repair & Replacement Service

We are proud to be known in Bristol as one of the leading clutch repair and replacement specialists with a fully comprehensive service that will get your vehicle back in working condition. 

There are plenty of benefits to choosing to replace and repair your clutch including the following vehicle improvements:

  • Improved fuel efficiency 
  • Smoother ride
  • Improved vehicle performance
  • Increased safety
  • Smoother gear shifts
  • Saving you money with fewer auto repairs

To book your clutch repair and replacement service in Bristol speak with a member of the team on 01179 537 577 or contact us online. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is fixing a clutch a big job?

On average it can take anywhere from 2 to 8 hours to replace a clutch however we recommend putting a whole day aside so you don’t have to depend on your car for anything just in case the repair takes longer which can occasionally happen due to other factors and other issues that the car may be experiencing. 

What is the lifespan of a clutch?

The lifespan of a clutch is usually around 60,000 miles however this can vary from each vehicle with some clutches on lasting 30,000 miles compared to some that can last longer than 100,000 miles. 

How can you tell if your clutch is going?

You can tell if your clutch is going in your vehicle if you experience issues such as:

  • Squeaking or grumbling noise when the clutch is pressed.
  • Difficulty shifting gear.
  • Can easily rev the engine, but having difficulty acceleration.
  • Sticking, vibrating, spongy, or loose clutch pedal when pressed.

Book Your Clutch Repair & Replacement Service Today

If you are looking for a fully comprehensive clutch repair and replacement service in South Bristol that is competitive in pricing and offers you a stress-free service, choose BS3 Ltd. To book your clutch repair and replacement service in Bristol speak with a member of the team on 01179 537 577 or contact us online.