BS3 Ltd FAQs

Where are you based?

BS3 Ltd are based in Ashton, which is around a 12-13 minute drive from the centre of Bristol. Our garage is on South Liberty Lane and is most easily accessed via the South Bristol Link Road (A4174), which is accessible via the A370. Our garage is relatively near to local shops and cafes; so you can keep yourself occupied whilst your car is being serviced. We also have a customer lounge that you can feel free to relax and unwind in whilst waiting for your cars service to be completed. If you are planning on visiting our garage via public transport, we are around a 25-minute walk away from Parson Street train station and a short 4-minute Redcliffe Way bus stop. Our full address is as follows:

210 South Liberty Lane,




What hours are you open?

BS3 Ltd are open 5-day a week for all customers; our full opening hours are as follows;

Monday 08:00 – 17:30

Tuesday 08:00 – 17:30

Wednesday 08:00 – 17:30

Thursday 08:00 – 17:30

Friday 08:00 – 17:30

Saturday CLOSED


What car manufacturers do you specialise in?

BS3 Ltd are well established German Car specialists in the Bristol area. 45-years of experience has supported us to become experts in our field of work. Our German car services are of what you would expect to find at a main dealership, if not even better. Primarily, the manufacturer that we specialise in is Mercedes Benz, but we have also gained the knowledge and skill to specialise in servicing more German manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Audi, and BMW.

Why should I choose BS3?

BS3 Ltd refuses to disappoint. Our multiple years of experience has supported us to become well established in the Bristol area for our excellent services. Our aim is to never drop below our high standard and to keep learning, developing and adapting. BS3 Ltd also carries out any of their services on any car, and not just that, we are also specialists in the servicing of German Cars. At BS3, we have the diagnostics equipment that would expect to find at a Mercedes Benz retailer.

Do I need to book my service at a certain time in advance?

Not at all. As we understand how important it can be to be driving and how frustrating it can be to be without a car, BS3 Ltd will always aim to book you in for your service as soon as possible. If you wish to enquire about our availability, feel free to call us on 0117 405 8435, a member of our friendly team will be at hand to check what time slots we have available and which one is most convenient for you.

How can I find out my current MOT certificate expiry date?

Finding out your MOT expiry date is simple and can be done is less than 5-minutes using the GOV website. If your expiry date is relatively near, it would be in your best interests to book an MOT as soon as possible. Driving without an MOT certificate can potentially have some pretty bad consequences, including a fine of up to £1000. BS3 Ltd carries out MOT tests daily and are happy to take in any car for its MOT test. Please get in contact with us if your MOT is due so that we can book in your test promptly.

What do I need to take with me to my MOT?

Not much, just the car that is being tested! The MOT system is now updated electronically, and our team can look your vehicle up on the DVSA system to find the existing MOT details. In the instance of a pass, the DVSA system will automatically update the new MOT certificate. If you are driving to your MOT service without a valid MOT certificate, we do advise that you bring with you proof of your MOT test booking. This is just in case you are asked for proof by the police. If you do not have proof then you are not legally allowed to be on the road, which could result in a fine of up to £1000 and missing the MOT.

What happens if my MOT certificate has expired?

If your cars MOT certificate has expired, then you are not legally allowed to be driving that vehicle unless you have booked an MOT test and you are driving to the car garage. When driving to the car garage for your MOT without a valid certificate, you must keep with you your proof of your booking just in case you are questioned by a police officer. Driving without an MOT can land you a fine of up to £1000 and if you were in an accident without a valid MOT, your insurance could be invalidated.

If my car fails its MOT, what next?

There are three possible outcomes of an MOT test, a pass, a fail, or deemed unworthy. If your car fails its MOT, you will have to rebook your MOT test for a later date and have the part that caused the car to fail its MOT repaired. If one part caused the car to fail its MOT, BS3 will carry out the MOT test for free once the part has been repaired. If it is more than one part, BS3 can give you a quote for the repairs, but the retest will not be free. Please refer to our free re-test items page for more information on this scheme. If your car still has a valid MOT after it has failed, you will still be able to drive the car until the old MOT expires. If your car does not have a valid MOT, it will have to remain at the garage until it passes its MOT.

In the instance of your car being deemed unroadworthy, you will not be able to drive your car, even with a valid MOT. Your call will have to remain at the Garage until the car is repaired and can pass its MOT.

How long does an MOT test take?

MOT test times vary. On average, an MOT test takes between 45 and 60 minutes. During your MOT test, feel free to relax in our welcoming and comfortable customer lounge. In our customer lounge is equipped with a TV and has free wifi for your enjoyment.

How can I book my MOT?

Booking an MOT at BS3 Ltd could not be easier! Simply call us on 0117 405 8435 and we will inform you what time slots are available. If you are unavailable to call us, feel free to enquire about an MOT using our contact us form on our website. We will get back to you regarding your MOT as quickly and efficiently as possible. For more information about MOT tests at BS3 Ltd, please refer to our MOT page.

What servicing options do you offer?

BS3 Ltd offers two high-quality servicing options, both providing great end results. The two options are as follows:

Full Service and MOT
  • Oil & Filter Change
  • Extensive Checks
  • Brake & Clutch Check
  • Wheel-Check
Interim Service
  • Tyre Check
  • Faulty Lights
  • Leaky Hoses
  • Basic Maintenance

When does my car need servicing?

The recommendation for servicing your car is once every 12,000 miles or one a year, however, different models of car with different ages will need servicing at different timescales. Each manufacturer should come with a service schedule to advice when servicing for your car is necessary. Many modern cars also have warning lights to advise when their car needs servicing. If you are unsure whether it is necessary to have your car serviced, call us on 0117 405 8435.

What are the benefits of having my car serviced?

Having an effective car service will higher the safety of you and your passengers on the road and put your car at less of a risk of a breakdown. Additionally to this, your car will run more efficiently and it will be unlikely that you will need to pay unexpected and inconvenient costs for repair work. Car servicing is also cost-effective, it maintains the value of your car, keeps the chances lower of unexpected repair costs and you will use less fuel whilst driving.

How long does car servicing take?

Different types of car services take different lengths of time. An interim service generally takes about an hour and a half and a full service will take around 3-hours. Servicing time will also depend on the size of the vehicle and if any other work has been paid for.

Why are you specialists in Mercedes Benz?

At BS3 Ltd, we are fully equipt with the same diagnostics technology for Mercedes Benz cars as you would expect at a main dealership. Additionally to this, we have a combined experience of over 60-years working with Mercedes Benz cars and that is why we consider ourselves specialists. People who own Mercedes cars value their vehicle, that’s why we want to give the best possible service to Mercedes owners and make them feel at ease. As we also only use genuine Mercedes Benz parts, when you use BS3 Ltd, your Mercedes Benz 3-year warranty is not affected.

What is a car diagnostics service?

Warning lights on your dashboard are not just frustrating, but also highly concerning. Our diagnostics technology connects the small computers in your car that monitor and control aspects of your vehicles such as engine temperature and emissions. The technology will detect the problem that is causing the warning light to be displayed so that repair work can begin promptly.

What repair services do you offer?

Listed below are the repair services that we offer at BS3 Ltd:

  • Brake Repair
  • Clutch Repair
  • Air Conditioning Repair
  • Bodywork