Garages After COVID-19

Visiting a Car Garage Post COVID-19

2020 has been a significantly different year compared to previous years. This due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has essentially changed the way that we live. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, many businesses were forced to temporarily close in the UK, and for three months, we were placed on a lockdown that kept us all indoors. Thankfully, due to the number of coronavirus cases dropping, businesses have reopened in the UK and we are allowed out to do much more than we were earlier on in the year. This includes go to pubs, dine at restaurants, visit beaches and parks, and more. 

As previously mentioned, the pandemic has essentially changed the way we live, with some changes potentially permanent, and some changes temporary. An example of this is wearing facemasks in stores when shopping, however, this is highly likely to just be a temporary change. Hygiene is now of paramount importance, even though it always should be. The coronavirus pandemic would have definitely been a wake-up call to many and changes with how we stay hygienic should definitely remain. This way we can prevent future pandemics and stay healthy. Other minor diseases and illnesses such as influenza can also be prevented with good hygiene. 

How Has Coronavirus Affected The Mechanic Industry?

Almost all businesses have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, including the mechanic industry. This certainly includes the mechanic industry, At the start of the year, many garages chose to shut their doors during the lockdown. Many of the garages shut down as they couldn’t enforce social distancing. As travel is essential, garages were allowed to stay open, however, there was very evident change. With people travelling less and being fearful of the virus, less people were booking into garages, which certainly took a toll on the revenue of garages across the country. 


One of the changes that had one of the biggest impacts on the industry is the dates of MOT’s being pushed back by 6 months if they expired between the 30th of March and 31st of July. This meant that all garages lost a lot of profit from what they would have usually acquired from carrying out MOT testing. Some still chose to have their MOT test, however, many avoided it as it had been pushed back even further. Although this may seem like a huge negative, MOT’s still legally have to be carried out, so it may mean that garages will have to wait untiil later in the year to profit from them. MOT’s being pushed back also means that later in the year, garages will be much busier and may also struggle to fit all in at one. This will provide garages with added profit, however, it may keep people off the road temporarily if they cannot find a garage to book into. 

What Does COVID-19 Mean For Mechanics?

For mechanics, working during and after the pandemic will be different to what it has been before. With different clients almost every day, the risk of transmission is much higher than what is in other professions. Working at home is advised for anyone who possibly can, however, it is evidently not possible for mechanics. To work safely, there are many different precautions and preparations that need to be put in place. Close contact and consistent interactions with clients and colleagues may not be possible until a vaccine is found or cases are extremely low. Due to this, working life for mechanics will be significantly different than how it has been in the past. 

In garages, mechanics will now be required to wear face masks, and take extra care with personal hygiene. Cars and vans are essential indoor spaces, and indoor spaces make it more likely for viruses to spread. This is one of the reasons for why the work life for mechanics will be significantly different and high risk. Due to this, mechanics must ensure to consistently prioritise staying hygienic when carrying out services. It is also important that mechanics do not turn up to work if they are feeling well as they may infect other mechanics or clients. If mechanics are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, then they must not turn up to work unless they are feeling well enough to do so. 

What Can Clients Do Before Visiting A Garage?

There are any things that clients can do before visiting a garage to ensure the safety of mechanics. When travelling to a garage, clients can ensure to wear hand sanitiser and also carry cleaning equipment. Upon arrival, clients can wipe down door handles, the steering wheel, the gearstick, and anything else that you are in direct contact with to ensure the car is clean. If the weather is clear, drivers can also drive to garages with their windows open to ensure clean airs flows into the vehicle. It is also important that clients travel on their own to garages unless they have a valid reason for not being able to travel alone. 

What To Expect

If you prefer to go out whilst your car is in a garage, then not much will really change, however, if you prefer to wait, there will be changes. In all garages, social distancing will be enforced to protect both clients and customers. This will apply for waiting rooms and main spaces within the garage. Consultations will also all have to be adhered to with social distancing. Like with many other procedures, this is likely to remain until the prominence of the virus is extremely low or there is a known vaccine. 

MOT Bristol 

As previously mentioned, many MOT’s have been pushed back six months due to the coronavirus pandemic. If you have chosen to wait the additional six months for your MOT, then it must be soon due. BS3 Ltd can complete your MOT in Bristol and a range of other services such as Mercedes Specialist servicing. For more information on how we can be at hand to help you, get in contact with our team of experts.