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At BS3 Ltd, we offer two categories of servicing for your Mercedes: A Service or B Service. Both services are fully comprehensive, as industry standard. The B Service however, is somewhat more thorough and includes a few more tests than the A Service, including brake test and headlamp alignment. For several years we have specialised in the servicing and repair of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. We are proud to offer an unmatchable Mercedes-Benz service in Bristol. If you are the owner of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, please do not hesitate to contact BS3 Ltd for the most efficient and reliable Mercedes-Benz service that Bristol has to offer.

Proffesional and Cost-Effective Mercedes Servicing in Bristol

Whether you will require the A or B service for your car will depend on the age and/or mileage of your Mercedes. When you contact us to book your service, one of our trained expert technicians will be able to advise you which service your car will need and the full cost of the service. Each Mercedes-Benz vehicle requires careful and specific servicing to ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently following its service. Our expert knowledge with all Mercedes-Benz cars at BS3 helps us to have the exact knowledge on what treatment each car needs to keep it running at its best standard. Situated below are pricing examples for the servicing we offer for Mercedes-Benz cars: 

Pricing Samples:

Mercedes A Class (1998 – 2004)

A Service: £160 plus VAT

B Service: £255 plus VAT

Mercedes C Class (2002 – Present)

A Service: £160 plus VAT

B Service: £255 plus VAT

Servicing Options

Mercedes A Class

(1998 - 2004)

Mercedes C Class

(2002 - Present)

Mercedes E Class

(2003 - Present)

Following your service, we will not carry out any additional work on your Mercedes without your prior approval. You will receive a detailed report explaining your service and any work that is required as a result of our checks. We will then provide a comprehensive quotation for work to be completed, plus any recommended additional work which may be required to ensure your car adheres to the Manufacturer’s Recommended Service Schedule, without which your Mercedes warranty may be affected. This is to ensure that your car returns to the roads in its best possible condition and your car will be at littlest risk as possible of breakdown. 

When handling such a luxurious and valued possession. Quality of the care provided must always be at an excellent standard to ensure that you get the most out of your pride. For multiple years, we have satisfied all of our customers with our fantastic Mercedes-Benz services. When new staff are employed at BS3 Ltd, they are thoroughly trained to have the same excellent knowledge on Mercedes cars. It would be against our morals to allow servicing to your Mercedes-Benz cars without extremelly high knowledge of the vehicle and service.

By using BS3 Ltd for your Mercedes servicing, you ensure that your Mercedes Retailer service record is kept up to date, as we will stamp your service book after your service. This means your three-year warranty will not be affected, and should you come to sell or trade in your Mercedes, you are more likely to get a better price for it than if you used a non-specialist garage.  

As we are the leading Mercedes specialist in Bristol, we only use Mercedes Benz genuine parts which offer excellent safety and performance and come with a two-year European warranty. Our experienced technicians come with years of expert training from Mercedes and other respected German car manufacturers, so you can rest in the knowledge that your car is in the trusted hands of professionals when you book in at BS3 Ltd.

Besides our excellent Mercedes-Benz servicing, we also specialize in the repair of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. We are equipt with the diagnostics equipment that you would expect to see at a main Mercedes dealership. If you would like to find out more about the Mercedes repair options that are offered at BS3 Ltd, click here.

What is a Mercedes service ‘A’?

Your car will require a Mercedes Service A, a series of checks, adjustments, and inspections, once it has done its first 10,000 miles, and then every two years or 20,000 miles, whichever comes first.

A Mercedes service A includes replacing your car’s synthetic motor oil and oil filter, checking and topping off all fluid levels, checking and adjusting your tyres’ pressure, and testing your brakes.

The specialist counter on the system will then be reset, enabling it to alert you when your next Service A is approaching. Additionally, your service sheet will be updated.

What is a Mercedes service ‘B’?

The adjustments and inspections included in a Mercedes Service B differ slightly from those included in a Service A. A service B is necessary after the first 20,000 miles on a vehicle, and after that it will probably need to be serviced once every two years, or after the subsequent 20,000 miles.

The car’s system itself determines how long it will be between a car’s Service A and Service B based on how much driving you typically do and how you handle the vehicle.

This second form of check-up comprises changing your oil and oil filter, just like a Service A, but you’ll also get your cabin dust or combination filter changed. Not only will your brakes be examined, but their fluid will also be replaced.

Your system’s counter will once more be reset, all other fluid levels will be examined, and its service sheet updated.

Do I need to service my Mercedes every year?

Generally speaking, we advise servicing your Mercedes every 12 months or 10,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Can I service my Mercedes anywhere?

If you are wondering whether you need to take your car back to the dealer to be serviced, the answer is that you are free to take your car wherever you want to get repairs and servicing.

Where should I get my Mercedes serviced?

Here at BS3 Garages, we offer dealer-level Mercedes servicing with like-for-like replacement parts at affordable prices. Get in touch today to book your Mercedes-specialist servicing.

Customer Care

Throughout your Mercedes service, you will experience our outstanding customer care. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, from our friendly, helpful team of technicians to our dedicated customer lounge offering comfort while you wait, plus TV and free WiFi.

Value for Money

We will never quote you a service price higher than what you will get at a main Mercedes dealership. At Autospec, we offer a five star, dealership level service without the same high prices.

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