MOT Bedminster

BS3 Ltd is a fully licensed MOT testing facility in MOT. Each of our skilled technicians and mechanics have the full ability to accuratley complete an MOT test.By law, any car over the age of three years must have an MOT annually to determine if it is safe to be driven on the road. BS3 Ltd has two dedicated MOT stations, and we average around 30 MOT tests daily, additionally to multiple servicing and MOT tests. Call our expert team today to book your test at our garage in Bedminster.

MOT Testing Bristol

Your car’s MOT status determines if the vehicle is legally allowed to be driven on road or not. Without a valid MOT certificate, it would be illegal for your car to be driven on the road. This is as MOT tests determine if your car is safe enough to drive and if anything is need of repair. Driving your car without a valid MOT certificate could also land with a fine of up to £1000. BS3 Ltd can meet deadlines and understand the importance of having a car that is eligible to drive, therefore, we are able to book in MOT’s for all cars, even at short notice.  If you currently own a vehicle that is soon to have its MOT expire or has already expired, call us today so that we can arrange for your MOT to take place

If your vehicles MOT has expired, you are legally allowed to drive to your MOT test. This is providing that you have valid proof that you are travelling for your MOT. Without proof, you could still be fined. If your MOT test is due soon, we highly recommend that you book your test in as soon as possible. This is as if your MOT has expired, you will not be able to drive your vehicle home if the MOT fails until the faulty part has been fixed.

MOT Testing Facility in Bedminster

BS3 Ltd have the capability to MOT test any vehicle make or model and can efficiently repair any issues that may be detected during your MOT.  If your MOT test is successful and you pass, it is entirely in your control if you choose any of our other services based on the recommendations that our expert technicians will make. Once your MOT is finished, we will provide with different options, either to improve the safety of your vehicle or so that it can pass its MOT. Please rest assured that all of our recommendations are from expert analysis for your best interests and safety on the road. After an MOT pass, we can arrange for improvements at a time that is convenient for both parties.

MOT Testing Prices

Our comprehensive and accurate MOT test includes all legal legally required tests including brakes, clutches, shock absorbers, exhausts, batteries, and much more. Visit our MOT page for more information. Below is our full price list and more information.

Class I to VII tests from £50.

FULL service and MOT from £180

DVSA MOT Test Station

  • Full MOT testing
  • General Servicing
  • Car Safety Checks

Relax at our Garage

At our MOT garage in Bedminster, we can even carry out your vehicles MOT whilst you wait. We have a welcoming, comfortable and dedicated customer lounge with a TV and free WiFi, which you can use to browse the internet, work, or just relax. At BS3 Ltd, we pride ourselves on our fantastic customer service and value our customers. When you choose BS3 Ltd, you can rest assured knowing that you and your vehicle are in good hands. Call us today to book an MOT or other services, or one of our Mercedes Specialist services.

MOT Failures

If your car or other vehicle fails its MOT, you have several options which are listed below:

  • We quote for and carry out all repairs detailed in your MOT test report. You can feel free to leave your car with us and we will sort the faults out and will complete a free retest.
  • If your vehicle has failed for some minor issues, you may be eligible for a free next-day retest.

Our professional technicians can efficiently carry out an accurate MOT and recommendations. Enquire today!