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Here at BS3, we offer a wide range of vehicle servicing and repairs which keep Bristol’s cars safe and healthy whilst also saving you money. By law, any car over three years old must undergo an annual MOT inspection to check the vehicle is safe and roadworthy. BS3 has two dedicated MOT and servicing stations which average around thirty MOTs a day between them and can even carry out your MOT while you wait. Our trained mechanics at BS3 Ltd are also trained continuously on the latest testing equipment so your MOT and servicing results are accurate and up to date every time.

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Why Combine Your MOT Test & Servicing? 

If your annual MOT test is due and your service schedule also indicates that your vehicle needs maintenance, you can combine the two on your next visit to BS3. 

This will be a lot less hassle for you and will also allow you to avoid taking your vehicle to both an MOT station and a service centre to have any essential services carried out. 

Our staff are fully trained service technicians and accredited MOT testers, who can carry out both services under one roof. This means you can get all of your essential vehicle maintenance done in one place. 

If your MOT and service are due around the same time, we will complete both in a single appointment. All you have to do is give us a call today and book a MOT and servicing date which suits you and your busy lifestyle. 

Not only will this process save you time but it will also save you money too. 

What Is Checked During An MOT and Service? 

The United Kingdom’s MOT check follows very strict DVSA guidelines which includes the inspection of a few key areas of the vehicle. Some of these include: tyres, lights, breaks and emissions. 

Your service will be based on the type of service you desire. A full service includes an extended list of checks under the bonnet, a comprehensive break check and replacement air filters. On the other hand an interim service includes an inspection of all vehcile essentials and an oil and filter change which is perfect for driver who drive lots of miles on a regular basis. 

Why Do I Need MOT And Servicing?

An MOT and a Service cover very different sets of checks and are needed for different reasons. To understand the necessity of them it is important to know what the difference is between the two. An MOT test is required by UK law for all cars 3 years old or more and must be completed annually. The MOT is a vehicle safety check which follows the DVSA’s strict guidelines and can only be carried out by accredited MOT testers. It is an inspection which does not involve replacing/fixing any parts.

A vehicle service is there to check the cars overall health which is recommended usually by the manufacturer. The purpose of this is to keep your vehicle running in the best possible condition and thus prolonging the life of the car. They are recommended to have at regular set intervals to keep your car safe an in prime condition.

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