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Here at BS3, we offer an extensive range of vehicle servicing and repairs to keep the people of Bristol’s cars safe and healthy whilst also saving them money. By law, any car over three years old must undergo an annual MOT inspection to check it is safe and roadworthy. At BS3, we have two dedicated MOT stations, averaging around thirty MOTs a day between them, and can even carry out your vehicle’s MOT while you wait. Our specialist BS3 Ltd mechanics are consistently trained on the latest testing equipment, so your MOT result is ensured to be highly accurate. For trustworthy and reliable MOT testing in Bristol, call us today to enquire about our MOT service and to book an MOT in Bristol with us.

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Flexible MOT Testing Bristol

Your car having a valid MOT certificate is much more important than you may think. It will not only reassure you that your car is safe enough to drive and inform you if there is anything that needs working on, but it can prevent you from acquiring an unexpected fine of up to £1000. BS3 Ltd is capable of meeting deadlines and understands the importance of having a car that is eligible to drive, therefore we are more than capable of booking you in with an MOT test at short notice. If you currently own a vehicle with an expired MOT in Bristol, call us today so that we can arrange for your MOT test to take place. With proof that you are driving to your MOT test, the law states that you can drive to your test and drive home in the instance of a pass. If your MOT is due or soon to be due, we highly recommend getting in touch with BS3 Ltd who can provide you with an advanced and flexible MOT service. To enquire about our MOT testing in Bristol service, call us on 01179 537 577.

What’s Included With Our MOT Service In Bristol?

BS3 Ltd are more than capable of providing professional MOT testing in Bristol for any vehicle make or model and can efficiently repair any issues that may arise, be they mechanical or electrical. If your MOT test is successful and you pass, it is entirely in your control if you choose any other of our services based on our recommendations. See below for the range of MOT packages we offer. We are licensed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). Book your car in today for an MOT test from an authorised MOT testing facility.  

Our comprehensive MOT test includes brakes, clutches, shock absorbers, exhausts, batteries and much more. To find out What is Involved in an MOT, visit our page here.


Our MOT Prices

Class I to VII MOT tests from £39.

FULL service and MOT from £129

DVSA MOT Test Station

  • Full MOT testing
  • Wheel Alignment
  • General Servicing
  • Car Safety Checks

Why We Are The Leading MOT Garage In Bristol

Here at BS3 Ltd, our reputation has been built on the exceptional service we provide to our customers, by offering thorough and reliable MOT testing for any vehicle at highly competitive prices. At our MOT garage in Bristol, we can even carry out your vehicle’s MOT checks while you wait. We have a dedicated, comfortable customer lounge with TV and free WiFi where you can work, read the paper or just sit back and relax. We pride ourselves on our great service and the value we place on our customers, so book an MOT in Bristol or any other of our services including DPF Cleaning with BS3 today. Please note, although we are one of the leading Mercedes specialists in Bristol, we do not provide a specialist MOT test for Mercedes Benz, however, we can offer a Mercedes specialist service with our MOT testing service.


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MOT Frequently Asked Questions

When are MOTs due?

If you own a vehicle that is three years or older you will need an MOT test certificate by law and this will need to be renewed once every year. Book a test with us now.

How do I check If I have a valid MOT?

To check if you have a valid MOT for your vehicle, all you have to do is visit the DVSA’s MOT status checker where you will just have to enter your vehicle’s registration number. You will then need to confirm the colour and make of your vehicle and then you can receive the validity and the expiry date.

How long do MOTs take?

On average, you can expect an MOT test for your vehicle to take anywhere between 45-60 minutes. If your vehicle fails however and you need urgent repairs, then the service can take much longer. Here at BS3, our technicians strive to work as fast as possible whilst ensuring that a professional and reliable MOT test is carried out.

What should I do if my car has failed its MOT test?

If your car has failed its MOT test, you have several options, listed below.

  • We can quote for and carry out all repairs detailed in your MOT test report. You can leave your car with us and we will sort everything out for you and will complete a free re-test.
  • If your car has failed on some minor issues, you may be eligible for a free, next-day re-test. To see a list of ‘no fee’ retest items, click here.
  • You can take the car away and repair it yourself or get someone else to do it. You will then be able to book a re-test within 10 days and pay a reduced rate re-test fee.
What MOT class is my vehicle?

In the UK, all vehicles will fall into different MOT classes and there are currently  8 different MOT classes designed for MOT testing to be carried out correctly with the right checks for different types of vehicles.


  • Class 1 – Motorbikes that are up to 200 cc.


  • Class 2 – Any type of motorbike that is over 200cc.


  • Class 3 – Unique 3 wheeled vehicles weighing up to 450 kg.


  • Class 4 – Cars with up to eight passengers, 3 wheeled vehicles over 450 kg, motor caravans, ambulances and taxis, private passenger vehicles with up to 12 passenger seats and courier vehicles with a gross weight of up to 3,000 kg.


  • Class 4a – Class4 vehicles (9-12 passenger seats) with a seat belt installation check needed.


  • Class 5 –  Private passenger vehicles between 13-16 passengers and any over 16 passengers and also play buses.


  • Class 5a – Class 5 vehicles with a seatbelt installation check needed.


  • Class 7 – Goods vehicles over 3,000 kg up to 3,500 kg.
How much does an MOT cost?

MOT tests vary across the UK, but here at BS3 Ltd, our MOT testing in Bristol pricing ranges from £39 to £129. Class 1-7 MOT tests cost £39, whilst a full service and MOT option costs £129, which are both very competitive. Book an MOT Test in Bristol now with BS3 Ltd. 

Can I drive my car if my MOT has run out?

It is against the law to drive any vehicle if the MOT has run out and if caught you could face prosecution and a large fine. However, you are eligible to drive your vehicle to an MOT test centre on the day of your MOT test. Contact us so we can arrange for your MOT test so you can have the proof if you find that your MOT has run out. For MOT testing in Bristol, contact our team today.

MOT Re-testing

Free MOT

Return your car to us for both the rectification work and the re-test within 10 working days and your MOT re-test is FREE.

If your car is booked in and presented by the end of the next working day (subject to appointment availability) for one or more of the list of free re-test items then your MOT re-test is free. One MOT re-test per failure only.

Reduced Rate Re-Test Fee

A reduced rate re-test fee of XX is available if your vehicle is repaired elsewhere, pre-booked and presented to us within 10 working days.

After 10 Working Days

The 10 days restricted time frame for MOT re-tests is strictly imposed by the DVSA. Please do not blame us if your car falls outside this time as we will not be able to make any exceptions.

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