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Regular vehicle maintenance is vital and when it comes to your vehicle’s DPF, frequent servicing is a must to keep your vehicle running at optimum levels and to prevent the need for costly repairs. At prices starting from £250, BS3 can service your DPF, ensuring your vehicle remains in top condition. Book with us today.

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What is a DPF?

All diesel vehicles come equipped with a Diesel Particulate Filter, known as DPF. The DPF is designed to remove at least 85 percent of the diesel particulate matter or soot from the engine exhaust gas. The DPF is located underneath the vehicle and is attached to the exhaust system, close to the engine. Your vehicle’s DPF uses active technology to burn off soot that accumulates and can block the filter. When the soot reaches approximately 600℃, it then turns to ash which can pass through the filter and out through the tailpipe. If you own a diesel powered vehicle, it is highly important to regularly clean the DPF. BS3 Ltd can inspect the condition of your DPF and complete any cleaning that is necessary. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us with any questions that you may have regarding our DPF cleaning services in Bristol or to get a quote.

Expert DPF Restoration in Bristol

Your DPF protects the air we all breathe in from burning diesel, however, if these filters are not properly cleaned, they can easily begin to stop working. This will result in damaging fumes from diesel entering our air. The regeneration cycle may combust some of the accumilated particles, but it definitley will not take car of everything. Besides damaging our air, an uncleaned DPF can result in reduced fuel economy, filter damage, reduced horsepower, and even engine damage. All of these problems can be very expensive to repair, and all can be prevented by the simple process of DPF cleaning.

Besides the problems caused by avoiding DPF cleaning, there are many valuable benefits of regular DPF cleaning. The first and most obvious being better DPF performance. Better DPF perfomance will help to keep the air cleaner that we breathe in, therefore, you are contributing to reducing harmful emissions in our planets air. Another benefit is a reduction of maintenance cost. If you ever are experiencing problems with your DPF, the repair work will be much less costly if it is cleaned. Other useful benefits of DPF cleaning include better fuel economy, better engine performance and the DPF will last longer. By having your DPF cleaned, you are avoiding potential expensive repairs in the future and improving your vehicles performance.

How It Works

Thanks to pressure sensors located either side of the DPF, the vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU) can detect filter blockages and will cause the exhaust to heat itself through the injection of diesel into the engine’s cylinders after the combustion stoke, when the exhaust valves are open. The unburned fuel then enters the DPF, where it is ignited to increase the internal temperature.

This process is known as Active Regeneration and can only take place when the engine is at its optimum running temperature, at speeds above 35 mph. However, in low speed urban areas, where vehicles are less likely to reach speeds over 35 mph, especially when the engine coolant is cold, the process is not activated.

In such cases, if the necessary conditions are not met, Active Regeneration will fail and the DPF will continue to clog until a warning lamp on the vehicle dashboard alerts the driver. If this is ignored, the DPF can become so blocked that the engine will revert to what is known as an emergency ‘Limp Home’ mode and will require garage attention.

A garage may be able to force the DPF to regenerate, but this is not guaranteed to cleanse the filter and the only remaining solution may be an expensive replacement. Save yourself added money, stress and time by bringing your vehicle in for regular DPF servicing.

For more information regarding DPF Cleaning or any of our other services such as MOT testing, call BS3 Ltd. BS3 Ltd are also Mercedes Benz specialists in Bristol and can provide an outstanding DPF Cleaning service for diesel Mercedes Benz vehicle’s.

If you see this warning light on your vehicle’s dashboard, stop and call BS3 today. Ignoring or delaying could be costly.

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