Other Services

At BS3 Ltd we offer the full range of services designed to keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely. To find out more about our other services, read on.

Brakes & Clutch

If you are concerned about your vehicle’s brakes, or simply want to bring them in for a check up, our technicians can ensure you get safely back on the road in no time. We can repair or replace damaged or worn brakes, check their condition and provide a detailed safety report. Our fully trained technicians will check brake pads, discs, drums, cables, hydraulics and handbrake mechanisms for faults.

We also repair and replace damaged clutches in Bristol (near Bedminster). Whether your clutch is slipping, or your vehicle is experiencing poor gear selection, our technicians will undertake a condition check and report on the clutch, cable and hydraulic systems, ensuring your vehicle is in full working order.

Air Conditioning

Our technicians can carry out servicing or repairs on most car air conditioning systems, checking efficiency and condition of drive belt systems, compressors, condensers, pipes and hoses. We can also carry out vehicle diagnostics on your vehicle’s air conditioning system, to determine any faults. We offer air conditioning re gas from just £80.

ECU Mapping

ECU mapping is a complex, professional service offering better driveability, increased fuel savings, performance and economy to get the best out of your vehicle. The service is vehicle specific, with our expert software technicians working to improve your car’s overall performance, tailored to your vehicle’s individual requirements. ECU mapping can be done while you wait and is reversible should you wish to revert your car to its original mapping.

Our professional technicians can carry out most servicing and repairs on all types of vehicle. Additional services include electrics and retrofitting.