Travelling in The UK This Summer

Where To Travel In The UK This Summer

Inevitably, summer this year will be significantly different to previous years. This is amid the coronavirus pandemic, which has caused many countries across the globe to force their entire nations or specific regions into lockdown in interest of public health. As of June 2020, lockdown restrictions in many countries across the globe have eased, and in many nations, lockdown restrictions have ended completely. In the United Kingdom, lockdown restrictions have eased so that we are now able to meet friends outdoors, including gardens, in groups of no more than six. Additionally to this, all non-essential stores have been allowed to open and it is becoming likely that the hospitality industry will begin to reopen in July. 

Although many establishments are beginning to open, summer will not be the same for many as previous years. This is due to cancellations of sporting events, music festivals, and more to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. As frustrating as it may seem, it is not to say that we will not be able to enjoy this summer. With hot weather, the ability to travel, socialise, and more, there will definitely be many ways that we can enjoy this summer. In this blog, we have listed many places in the UK for you to safely travel with your family or friends this summer.


Bournemouth is a lively seaside town on the south-coast of England that is renowned for it’s nightlife and long-stretches of sandy beaches. This summer it is unlikely that you’ll be able to experience its buzzing nightlife, however, the lively culture will remain there. We would recommend Bournemouth for younger people who are looking to travel this summer safely. Many bars across the coast will remain open, adhering to social distancing. For families, attractions such as Bournemouth pier will be open, which is equipt with a climbing wall, zip line, obstacle course, and more. If you’re looking to travel to a location, with beaches, and a lively atmosphere, we would highly recommend travelling to Bournemouth.

Longleat Safari Park

As of the 15th of June, safari parks and zoos in the United Kingdom are permitted to open, providing it is possible for visitors to adhere to social distancing. Longleat Safari Park is undoubtedly one of the safest tourist attractions for families to visit this summer. By remaining in the safety of your own vehicle, it is unlikely for you to be exposed to coronavirus. Besides safety, Longleat is one of the most historical and beautiful places to see wild animals from across the world, including Lions, Tigers, Asian Elephants, and many more. Longleat is the ideal day trip to safely keep your family entertained this summer. 


Surfs up! Newquay in Cornwall is a hotspot for stunning sandy beaches and surfing days out. No matter your ability, Newquay is the ideal place to surf and enjoy the company of your family or friends. Newquay is home to Fistral Beach and Watergate Bay, which are prime surfing spots known to surfers all over the UK due to the strong waves it attracts from the Atlantic, causing a strong surf. Besides surfing, Newquay is a fantastic place to enjoy scenery with incredible aesthetics and to enjoy the summer sun. When travelling to Newquay, you can be assured to have an entertainment-packed day with a handful of activities to suit the whole family. 


This summer, London will inevitably be quieter than previous summers due to lockdown restrictions and limited capacity for activities. Despite many attractions not opening, London is rich in history and has many monuments and structures for you and your family to visit this summer. If large crowds is a primary reason for why you have not visited London, then this summer may be the perfect time for you to visit. With less crowdedness and limited tourist attractions, it will allow you to creatively arrange your own day exploring the capital. 

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